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Upcoming Webinar

A Deep Dive Into The Human Psyche: The Application of Behavioral Science To Modern Compliance

What’s the biggest risk facing organizations today? Human Risk. People. Of course, people are also the ultimate strength of organizations. The individual engines which power innovation and growth. How do you solve this paradox? How do you continue to get the best from your employees while mitigating the inherent risk they bring to the organization? By better understanding what drives human behavior.

Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Time: 10:00AM EST / 15:00 BST 
Where: Your home office. Star is coming to you!

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Why Attend?

Join StarCompliance as we dive deep into the human psyche with Human Risk expert Christian Hunt: Wednesday, July 29 at 10am EST, 15:00 BST. You'll get a better understanding of human behavior and learn how to apply these insights in practical ways to your compliance program and company culture.

This webinar will look to answer the following questions and more:

  1. How is Human Risk influenced by behavioral science?
  2. Does Human Risk vary by firm type, size or region?
  3. What concepts can be applied to compliance?
  4. What would compliance teams gain by considering Human Risk?
  5. Why might compliance teams be nervous about adopting these practices?
  6. What is the regulator’s view on Human Risk and behavioral science?
  7. What role does technology play?

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Meet Our Speakers

Christian-HuntChristian Hunt
Founder of Human Risk & Pivot Point

Christian is the Founder of Human Risk, a Behavioral Science (BeSci) Consulting and Training Firm specialising in the fields of Risk, Compliance & Ethics. He is also the Co-Founder of Pivot Point, a Change, Strategy & Creative Practice that helps companies to adapt to change.

He has over 23 years of experience in Financial Services, as a Practitioner, Regulator and Risk/Compliance Officer. Formerly Head of Behavioural Science at UBS, Christian pioneered the use of BeSci as Head of Compliance & Operational Risk Control UBS Asset Management and UBS EMEA. He was previously COO of the Prudential Regulation Authority and Head of International Banking Supervision at the PRA.
Christian is now deploying his extensive in-house experience of “Bringing Behavioural Science to Risk & Compliance” to a wider external audience. He is a regular speaker, writer and video blogger on Human Risk related topics and produces a fortnightly newsletter.

For more information about Christian Hunt & Human Risk, visit https://www.human-risk.com

TWard-roundTim Ward
StarCompliance Director of Product Strategy & Marketing 

Tim Ward is Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at StarCompliance, a leading provider of compliance software solutions to the global financial services sector. Tim has spent nearly 25 years in financial compliance, and is an experienced software development professional. At Star, Tim focuses on the mid-to-long term product roadmap—traveling the world, listening to clients and prospects, and keeping his ear to the ground for murmurs of what the marketplace needs, figuring out what the market may not yet know it needs, and then shaping the STAR Platform in response. Tim has lived and worked in Australia, Singapore, France, and the US, and holds a BEng from Nottingham University in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He’s currently based out of Star’s York, UK office.

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